Displaying International Characters in URL from WordPress Hosted on IIS

I was helping someone troubleshoot this problem today and had great difficulty finding a solution (modifying various elements in configuration files such as web.config, user.ini, wp-config.php, etc.), but it seems like the solution is to just add the following code at the beginning of the wp-config.php file:

if ( isset($_SERVER['UNENCODED_URL']) ) {

Hope this information helps someone out there and save them hours of frustration!

Basic Authentication in PHP on IIS

Tip for today: A couple of years ago, one of our customers was trying get Basic Authentication in PHP working on IIS.  He discovered that in order to get it to work, you can only have Anonymous Authentication enabled.  All other forms of IIS authentication must be disabled.

SQL Server Script to Check to See if a Database has Reached a Certain Capacity

Here’s a stored procedure I developed years ago to see if a database has reached a certain capacity (basically to check if it was full) and returns “true” if it has exceeded that capacity.

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[IsDatabaseFull]
	DECLARE @CurrentSizeMB int
	DECLARE @MaxSizeMB int
	DECLARE @PercentageFull int
	SET @PercentageFull = 0.10 /* Change this value */
	SELECT @CurrentSizeMB = size*8/1024,
		   @MaxSizeMB = max_size*8/1024
	FROM sys.database_files
	WHERE [file_id] = 1
	IF @CurrentSizeMB >= (@MaxSizeMB * @PercentageFull)
		RETURN 1 /* True */
		RETURN 0 /* False */

In the example above, the capacity is set to 10% of the maximum size of the database.  By changing the capacity to 90%-95% and combining it with an email script, it can used to send notifications to you prior to a database becoming full so that you can increase its size preemptively.