Honkai: Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 6)

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 6)

Hook is playing a game called “Guess the Flower Color”
with her friends.

She invited Julian, Luka, and Big Sister who always plays
with them – and stuck a paper flower in each one’s hair.
There are four flowers – two white, two purple – and
nobody (including Hook) looked at their own flower nor
anybody else’s flower.

Then, she arranged everyone to stand in a row facing
forward. From the front, Hook, Julian, Luka, and Big
Sister stood in that order. Each person could only look
forward and see the person or people in front of them,
but they were not allowed to turn around or peek at the
color of the paper flower on their own head.

To keep things fair, Hook blindfolder Big Sister –
because she’s so tall!

However, while they can’t see their own flowers, we can
see them as we walk by: Hook and Luka have white
flowers, while Julian and Big Sister have purple ones.

Despite Hook’s best and fairest intentions, only one
person in this game will be able to guess what color the
flower they have on their head is. Who is that person?

  1. Hook
  2. Julian
  3. Luka
  4. Big Sister

The answer is 2. Julian.

Honkai: Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 5)


  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 18,000

The answer is 3. 6.

Honkai: Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 4)

Howard, Philip, and Joyce: among them is a good man, a bad man, and a liar. The good man only tells the truth; the bad man only lies; and the liar… Well, he would say anything – sometimes the truth, and sometimes lies.

One day, Joyce said: “Phlip is either the good man or the bad man.”

Then, Philip said: “Either Howard or Joyce is the good man.”

Which one of these three is the liar?

  1. Howard
  2. Philip
  3. Joyce

The answer is 2. Philip.