Welcome to The Troubleshooting Center!

Welcome to my first personal blog site.  I started this site around July of 2013 but didn’t really know how to move forward with it until now.  I’m not a WordPress Expert nor professional blogger (yet), but I hope to make this site a resource to others and learn a lot in the process.  This is my second and “official” attempt at relaunching the site.

Here’s a little bit of my background.  I’ve worked with computers since I was 8 and like it or not, it has become my primary means of making a living.  I’d rather be a writer or musician, but for some reason, it’s what naturally comes to me -> organizing information.  The computing landscape of 1983 is very different from that of 2014.  When I was kid, I was able to write a program in less than 200 lines of code and do everything I needed to on a single personal computer.  I think the advent of the Internet and “The Cloud” changed things dramatically, and I personally find it very difficult to keep up with all the technological changes.

My goal for this site is simple.  I just plan to create user friendly, and I hope, technically accurate How-To articles to share with you.  It helps me out too since I tend to forget things over time.